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Historic Preservation Commission

The purpose of the Monticello Historic Preservation Commission is to identify, designate, and protect resources in the city of Monticello that embody the city’s culture, history, architectural history, or prehistory; and to promote the use and conservation of these resources for the education, pleasure, and enrichment of the residents of Monticello and those who visit.

Created in 1988 by the Mayor and City Council, the Monticello Historic Preservation Commission is a 5-member board charged with preserving and protecting the city’s special heritage primarily though design review in the locally designated historic districts. The Mayor and City Council appoint the Commission. Membership is open to all Monticello residents.

Eddie Ford(term: 2011-2014)
Charles Jablonski (term: awaiting replacement)
Billy Nalls (term: 2009-2012)
Cynthia Miller (term: 2011-2014)
Gordon Plummer (term: 2009-2012)