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The City of Monticello is a MEAG Power city.  MEAG Power is a public generation and transmission corporation providing power to 49 Georgia communities that in turn bring energy to almost three-quarters of a million citizens.  As the third largest power supplier in the state, energy sales exceeded $600 million in 2000.

MEAG Power has assets of over $4 billion, co-owns four generating plants with a generating capacity of 1,566 megawatts, and co-owns Georgia’s Integrated Transmission System (ITS).

Beyond the core business of generation and transmission, the two business units of MEAG Power offer our member municipalities and other clients services in support of retail operations and marketing.  Distribution Services delivers services in technical assistance, training and safety, joint purchasing and web-based management applications.  MEAG Marketing Services provides enhanced support in pricing strategies, existing industry initiatives, economic development and major account programs.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, MEAG Power employs 144 people.  The organization is governed by a nine-member board of directors comprised of representatives from the participant communities.